Timberside Farms Fainting Goats
We started out raising Pygmy goats and then added some Boer goats. I then
found out about the Fainting goat and just had to have one. Well one has
turned into a herd of over 30, not including our 4 bucks!

Since being introduced to the Fainting goat breed we decided that these are
the only type of goats we want to raise.  In our experience with three different
breeds of goats the Fainting goat seems to be the easiest to keep penned
in.         They are by far the most colorful goats around and each one seems to
have its own personality.  Some faint readily, yet others seem to have formed
some sort of resistance to it. I have, on more than one occasion, seen one of
our cows playing with a goat and then make it faint. The cow seemed to be
pretty concerned about the whole situation!

HONEST DAD, I  was just playing with him!

Fainting goats are listed as threatened with The American Livestock Breeds
Conservancy. This means that globally there are less than 5000 of these
fascinating goats.   All of our Myotonic goats are registered with the Myotonic
Goat Registry.
Click on the picture above to see our herd.