Timberside Farms Highland cattle and Yaks
Taylor, Sydney and Kali doing what Highlands do best,
eating plants that other cows pass by and getting fat on it!
Highland cattle come from the Highlands of Scotland and were the first registered breed
of cattle with the first herd book being published in 1885.  Highlands are classified as
recovering by The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. They do not mind the cold
weather so little shelter is needed for them. They also calve easily and are protective
mothers. Highlands used to be much smaller than what they are today.  
Our fold of Scottish Highlands
This is Taylor a 2004 registered silver
This is Sarah a registered red 2006
Highland. Sarah is a full sized Highland
and was one of our first cows on the
farm. She has given us 3 heifers out of
3 calves!
Bred to Ace for a 2013 calf
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Kali gave us this little heifer on
11, 2009.
We named her Kali's Kloie
Bred to Ace for a 2013 calf
Sarah gave us this gorgeous  heifer
on March 16, 2009. Even though
Sarah is a bigger Highland, this calf
is staying really small.
We named her Sarah's Sadie.
Bred to Ace for a 2013 calf
Taylor had this heifer in April of
Her name is Taylor's Terra. She will
be bred to Ace for a 2013 calf.
This is Sarah's 3rd heifer calf. She
was born April 8, 2011 We are
keeping her. Her name is
Sassafrass, or Sassy for short.
Imagine the calf we will get when
she is bred to Bandit.
This is a 2011 heifer calf out of
Terra and Chip. She is a great
little heifer. We have named her
Theresa or Tess for short.
Pictured above are two Yak cows. Yak cows get between 500-900 pounds and should fit in perfectly with our
cattle breeding program. We will be cross breeding them with Ian or Ace and see where it leads us! Yaks are
very efficient foragers and consume less food than the cattle do. Just something to mess around with for now.
This is a miniature Hereford we bought in
spring of 2011. She'll be a nice addition to the
herd. Measures 42 inches.
Bred to Ace for a spring 2013 calf
Other cows and Yaks
This is a miniature Black Baldie that we
purchased in 2011. Her name is Addy and she
measures 44 inches, she is a big boned girl!
We bought her from the same place we got Ace.
Pictured beside her and down below is her
September 2011 heifer calf sired by Ace.
We named her Annabelle or Anna for short.
This is a Miniature Highland/Belted
cross heifer we bought in 2012.
Bred to Ace for a 2013 calf.