We are expanding out farming operation into hair sheep. These are
sheep that you don't need to shear. We own Katahdin
, Dorper, and
Barbados. We bought our initial 13 sheep in January 2015. Our
intentions are to get up to 100 head.
This is Spot. She was one of
the three initial bottle lambs
that we purchased.
This is our ram, T-rev. All of our
experienced ewes are bred to him
for March kids.
Timberside Farms Hair Sheep
This is a Barbados ewe.
This is a Katahdin ewe
These are ewes born in Febuary
2016. They are 11 months old in
this picture.
The black and white sheep is a ram
that we are using to breed the
young ewes. Lambs should arrive
the first of April.
These are two lambs that were born January 2017. Barbados ewe and lamb
on the left, and a Katahdin
ewe and lamb on the right.
We are using an animal safe spray paint to determine what lambs belong to
what ewe and also their gender. Males are yellow, females are green.