Timberside Farms Mini Cattle
On this page I will tell you how we got started with the cow side of the farm.

Our goats ate a lot of the weeds and multi floral rose growing in the pasture, but they left a lot of
good grass behind that was going to waste.

I started looking for another type of farm animal to eat all of the grass. I found out about miniature
cattle and just had to have one.

Well one has turned into a fold of Highlands,  a small herd of Dexter Cattle, a Black Baldy, a
Hereford and several White Park/Highland cross cattle.
This is Senora. She is a black dexter
bred to a highland belted bull. She
does have big teats and the calf will
probably have to be bottle fed.
Click her to go to our bull page
This is Sasha a half Watusi, half Dexter
heifer. She is gentle as can be and
one of my kids favorite cows.
This is Snickers a March 2012 heifer
out of our Hereford and Ace. She was
raised as a bucket calf.
This is a miniature Hereford we bought in
spring of 2011.  Measures 42 inches.
This is a miniature Black Baldie that we
purchased in 2011. Her name is Addy and she
measures 44 inches, she is a big boned girl!
We bought her from the same place we got Ace.
This is KC. She is a cow we bought
from Wisconsin.